SD-WAN aims to support multiple connection types and VPNs between sites, offer dynamic and flexible WAN connectivity, reduce costs, improve network performance and provide a simple management interface.

A typical SD-WAN deployment with Elfiq Networks consists of hardware or virtual devices installed at each of the client’s sites (edge) and networked with other devices located at the headquarters, data centers or recovery sites, or in the Cloud.

Deployed as controllers or edge devices, Elfiq Link Balancers are designed to support the company’s most powerful Hybrid WAN options like Flex Multipath Routing (FMR) and Elfiq SSL VPN. Elfiq Central further facilitates the deployment of such products and features, making it easier than ever to benefit from added network performance and flexibility, business continuity and smarter path selection, while replacing WAN links by leveraging traditional internet links as site-to-site VPN tunnels.



Devices can be selected among Elfiq Network’s wide array of products, either an LBX appliance, a VLBX virtualized instance, or the Cloud Connector. All VLBX Series are available for VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, and the Cloud Connector is available for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Elfiq Networks products improve network performance by allowing smarter bandwidth management, added flexibility and higher responsiveness. Working together and with Elfiq Central, they can help safely create and maintain a powerful SD-WAN, and will grant organizations with unprecedented control over their devices and network.

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