Debuting with the EDGE Series, Elfiq Networks will offer LTE/4G/3G cellular connectivity through embeddable cellular modems, providing a more reliable failover option. Additionnally, the EDGE Series will also be compatible with Gigabit links delivered over SFP circuits.

Compatible with SFP links
Equipped with two bypasses
Embedded cellular modem (LTE/4G/3G)
Zero-touch provisionning via Elfiq Central

Announced on October 25th in Chicago, IL, the upcoming EDGE Series is compatible with fiber circuits and can be equipped with a cellular modem for unparalleled flexibility and uptime. This is one of the most versatile edge devices out there.

Deployed and managed through Elfiq Central, the company’s Cloud-based orchestrator, the EDGE Series can be integrated seamlessly in any client environment, guaranteeing a fast return on investment. By leveraging Elfiq Central’s zero-touch provisioning capabilities, end-users can monitor and maintain a powerful SD-WAN without having to break the bank.

Set to launch in the first quarter of 2018, the EDGE Series will be the first platform dedicated solely to Elfiq Networks’ SD-WAN solution, and is designed to address multiple issues facing branch offices around the world. The new devices will offer multiple different packages, with a focus on user experience at the branch, quality of experience, VPN acceleration and security.