Amazon Web Services

The Elfiq Cloud Connector is designed to help organizations build up their business continuity strategy. With the Cloud Connector, it is possible to move towards a Cloud-Ready Network or leverage the robustness and flexibility of a Hybrid WAN infrastructure.




Deployable as a VPN hub
Private Cloud gateway
Business continuity site
Set the stage for Hybrid WAN connectivity

The Elfiq Networks Cloud Connector is designed to dynamically aggregate and optimize links from multiple providers and technologies, and provide a faster access to critical applications hosted in the Cloud.

It can further be deployed as a VPN hub to centralize all VPN traffic between sites, or be used as a business continuity site to offer the ultimate backup solution to onsite hosted services.

In addition, each Virtual Link Balancer can serve as a virtual network function (VNF), meaning that they can be deployed in a NFV infrastructure.


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