ATLAS allows organizations to finally move away from overbearing connectivity contracts and capitalize on carrier diversity, gaining resilience and performance while reducing the cost of bandwidth. By leveraging Elfiq Central’s zero-touch provisioning capabilities, end-users can monitor and maintain a powerful SD-WAN without having to break the bank.

Zero-Touch Provisionning through Elfiq Central
Dynamic Path Selection and Subsecond Link Failover
Unlimited VPN Meshing Between Sites
Firewall Capabilities at the Edge
Compatible With All Elfiq Networks Product
Flexible, Subscription-Based Licenses

Announced on October 31st, ATLAS SD-WAN Suite will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

ATLAS is a full encompassing SD-WAN solution with security, optimisation, VPN and failover components. This new suite will feature new edge platforms and a subscription-based pricing structure, and will remain interoperable with current LBX Series through Elfiq Central.

To strengthen its portfolio at the edge, Elfiq Networks has also announced the upcoming launch of a new Elfiq EDGE Series as part of the ATLAS suite, complementing the company’s market-proven LBX suite. The new devices will offer multiple feature packages, with a focus on user experience at the branch, quality of experience, and VPN acceleration.

The QEX License (Quality of Experience) will offer single-link traffic optimization through App Optimizer, the company’s Layer-7 traffic-shaping (Deep Packet-Inspection/DPI) engine, as well as URL filtering and other advanced features.

The BCX License (Business Continuity Experience) will add Elfiq Networks’ popular bandwidth management, path selection and link failover features for optimal connectivity and Cloud access.

Finally, the SDX License (Software-Defined Experience) will encompass Elfiq Central’s most powerful visibility and control features, FMR Hybrid WAN deployments, and the newly announced STREAM VPN and edge Firewall modules.

By packaging all SD-WAN features into ATLAS, it will now be easier than ever for small and medium businesses to access enterprise-grade WAN technology. By relying on Elfiq Networks’ signature Layer-2 integration, and leveraging Elfiq Central’s zero-touch provisioning options, ATLAS is the simplest and fastest way to make the move to SD-WAN.