Emergency Response

Answering the call

Disasters, whether natural or social, can occur at any time, and the capacity to mobilize and coordinate response teams is essential to minimizing destruction and casualties. To make that happen, spotless communication is a must. Cellular networks, two-way radios, CB radios, Internet; teams on the ground often rely heavily on the information provided by others.

Sadly, in the event of catastrophes, telecom signals are the first to go. Heavy winds, massive rainfalls and earthquakes can have a devastating effect on physical lines and cellular towers, resulting in massive outages, leaving local populations and intervention teams blind.

Casting a lifeline

Building on it’s long experience with business continuity and disaster recovery, Elfiq Networks provides emergency preparedness solutions to keep emergency teams online, even in the face of catastrophes.

The Elfiq LIFELINE Series is a ruggedized, in-vehicle networking platform designed specifically to meet the harsh requirements of disaster-stricken and devastated areas. With sub-second failover speeds, the LIFELINE Series can balance inbound and outbound traffic from cabled, cellular and satellite links to provide uninterrupted communications to teams on the ground.