Elfiq Networks (a subsidiary of Martello), an SD-WAN pioneer at the leading edge of business continuity and bandwidth optimization solutions, today released ATLAS, the company’s first subscription-based SD-WAN as a service suite. Leveraging many of the most sought after features in Elfiq’s technology, ATLAS maximizes the experience at the edge with an affordable and modular subscription-based offering.

“ATLAS is simpler and more affordable than most other SD-WAN solutions on the market today,” said John Proctor, President and CEO of Martello. “Our customers want SD-WAN solutions that work for them, without extra licenses and capabilities they don’t need. By delivering a modular, subscription-based offering, we can address our customers’ networking issues with one simple solution.”

ATLAS allows organizations to finally move away from overbearing connectivity contracts, and to capitalize on carrier diversity, gaining resilience and performance while reducing the cost of bandwidth. By leveraging Elfiq Central’s zero-touch provisioning capabilities, end-users can monitor and maintain a powerful SD-WAN without having to break the bank.

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