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LBX420 Failover Kit

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In addition to managing inbound and outbound traffic, the LBX420 gives access to all of Elfiq Networks’ powerful feature set, including site-to-site application acceleration (SitePathMTPX), geographic balancing (GeoLink), and mixing public and private bandwidth (Hybrid WAN).

A “Failover Kit” includes two units, for maximum uptime. Click here for more details.


For more information about each plan, please visit this section


Remote Configuration Service includes basic failover configuration in single site environments to get device up and running.

SKU: LINKLB-420-FOKT Category:

Product Description

The LBX400 Series brings enterprise-level performance and features to small and medium businesses to proactively enable link load balancing across multiple ISP links for business continuity. The LBX400 is a multi-core platform allowing you to enable CPU intensive options like Elfiq App Optimizer with no bandwidth degradation.

The LBX400 Series includes three models. Upon purchase, these three models, the LBX410, LBX420 and LBX430, are fully activated with all functions operational according to model specifications. This structure allows small and medium businesses to take advantage of the company’s Flex Multipath Routing technology for multisite deployments.

Customers can protect their investment by upgrading their new LBX410 and LBX420 devices to higher levels of performance.