Virtualization, whether on premise or in the Cloud, is rapidly becoming the new norm.

Elfiq Networks’ Virtual Link Balancers, or VLBX, can help organizations leverage a new or pre-existing virtualization platform to build up business continuity and save on the cost of bandwidth. Using Elfiq Networks’ innovative link balancing technology, the virtual devices offer intelligent bandwidth management on all available links to create a cost-effective Hybrid WAN.

With the Cloud Connector, available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Elfiq Networks’ bandwidth management technology and business continuity solutions can be deployed in physical environments, in virtualization servers and in the Cloud. The Cloud Connector can further be used as a VPN hub, a private Cloud gateway or as a business continuity site for hosted web services.

Both product lines are designed to support Elfiq Networks’ most powerful Hybrid WAN options. Flex Multipath Routing (FMR) allows today’s modern businesses to mix private and public links resulting in flexibility, savings, added network performance, business continuity, seamless failover and smarter path selection. In addition, supplementing or replacing WAN links with Elfiq SSL VPN enables organizations to leverage traditional internet links and use them as site-to-site VPN tunnels.

In addition, all VLBX images and Cloud Connectors can serve as virtualized network functions (VNF), meaning that they can be deployed in a NFV infrastructure.

With Elfiq Networks, it becomes easy to build a virtual WAN using both public and private bandwidth for massive savings.

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