Professional services providers are highly dependent on accessing Internet-based resources to perform daily activities such as financial trading and running customer transaction applications.

In this context, connectivity is mission-critical, and downtime very expensive. From the clerks entering data and filing documents online to senior partners and executives, when Internet connectivity fails, billable hours get lost and productivity is seriously impaired. Internal services in a multi-location context also become unavailable, and the same losses can be incurred. Proper planning and the implementation of a strong bandwidth management strategy can ensure not only uptime but also profitability for real-time applications.

Elfiq Networks’ bandwidth management solutions enable mission-critical business continuity by providing the toolset required to maintain 99.999% telecom uptime and ensuring that the telecom infrastructure enables every transaction to be completed. With Elfiq Networks, firms can protect themselves from costly points of failure and deliver superior access to online services to all employees, thus raising the productivity bar.

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