The academic world has always been one of the first to embrace new technologies and new methods of delivering content to their audiences. With online courses, recorded video and audio, Web-based student and grade management systems, document sharing and more, bandwidth has become a critical aspect of an institution’s ability to fulfill its mission.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the amount of student-generated traffic from Web browsing for peer to peer sharing of files. Students are notorious to consuming significant amounts of bandwidth and managing current ISPs becomes a priority.

With Elfiq Networks’ Link Balancers, schools, school districts, campuses, colleges, universities and many more customers can take back control of their bandwidth and proactively add more ISP links to meet demand.

You can think of a link balancer as a transparent router whose responsibility is to route traffic to the optimal ISP as per the balancer’s configuration. Routers typically use static or dynamic routing for basic fail-over. Link balancers take path selection to a whole new level by introducing active-active balancing which delivers increased performance, network redundancy, data traffic management and more.

Elfiq Networks Link Balancers also provide a cost reduction opportunity by utilizing low-cost ISP links such as DSL and cable to replace and complement existing more expensive links such as DS3s, T1s, fiber and more. Many academic organizations are employing this approach, combining two or three cable modems with a 10Mbps fiber connection are saving thousands every month.

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