7/04/16 3:42 - Simon Langlois

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving and is subject to government expectations or regulations such as HIPPA. In many countries, patient electronic records management and availability are becoming a key driver in patient care management, where this type of information must be available so medical personnel can provide the right treatment. Some healthcare providers are…

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Professional Services

7/04/16 3:40 - Simon Langlois

Professional services providers are highly dependent on accessing Internet-based resources to perform daily activities such as financial trading and running customer transaction applications. In this context, connectivity is mission-critical, and downtime very expensive. From the clerks entering data and filing documents online to senior partners and executives, when Internet connectivity fails, billable hours get lost…

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7/04/16 3:35 - Simon Langlois

Internet has revolutionized how the mobile workforce accesses information while away from the office, enabling them to keep up with customers and the office faster than ever before. To meet this need, hospitality providers started offering their customers high-speed Internet access (HSIA) in guest rooms a few years ago. Mobile workers have grown accustomed to…

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7/04/16 3:32 - Simon Langlois

The academic world has always been one of the first to embrace new technologies and new methods of delivering content to their audiences. With online courses, recorded video and audio, Web-based student and grade management systems, document sharing and more, bandwidth has become a critical aspect of an institution’s ability to fulfill its mission. Another…

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