LBX2600 Promotional Pricing

Expires March 31st, 2018
With increased performance and exciting new options, the LBX2600 is more powerful than ever. To reflect this new reality, we adjusted pricing for hardware and maintenance, but clients can still purchase the LBX2600 at its previous price of USD 10,995, a USD 1,000 discount off its new MSRP. When purchasing a failover kit, Elfiq Networks doubles the discount for BOTH devices, representing savings of USD 4,000! Some conditions apply.Some conditions apply.

• Client purchases a LBX2600 or FOKT.
• Client purchases an associated LinkCare Maintenance Plan (Standard or Gold).

• Client receives a discount of USD 1,000 per LBX2600 device off MSRP for the hardware, or USD 4,000 off MSRP for a failover kit.

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