Gbps Program

Expires March 31st, 2016
Congratulations on getting your 1Gbps circuit! Provide your current serial number and upgrade to any of the LBX1200 series, a LBX2600 or a LBX5500 device and get 25% off the price of your unit (hardware models only). Some conditions apply.

• Client must own a LBX400 Series, a LBX700 Series or a Legacy Link Balancer (including the LBX900 and LB-2500E) still under maintenance (Standard, Gold).
• Client must provide device serial number.
• Client must purchase a LBX1210, LBX1220, LBX1230, LBX2600 or LBX5500.

• Client receives 25% off MSRP for the LBX1200, LBX2600 or LBX5500 device, along with free remote configuration.
• Current maintenance plan will be upgraded to the according device without any additional fees for the remainder of the term.

Please fill this form in order to take advantage of this great opportunity. An Elfiq Networks Alliance Partner in your region will contact you shortly.