The VLBX400 Series brings enterprise-level performance and features to small and medium businesses to proactively enable link load balancing across multiple ISP links for business continuity.

It can be deployed in various environments such as VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack.



Throughput of up to 400Mbps with the VLBX430
Up to 2 upgrade paths available
Ideal for SMB and branch offices
Cost-efficient solution to bandwidth management

The VLBX400 Series includes three models. Upon purchase, these three models, the VLBX410, VLBX420 and VLBX430, are fully activated with all functions operational according to model specifications. This structure allows small and medium businesses to take advantage of the company’s Flex Multipath Routing technology for multisite deployments.

Customers can protect their investment by upgrading their new VLBX410 and VLBX420 devices to higher levels of performance.

The VLBX410 is ideal for SMBs, branch offices and retail sites with a typical 2 link scenario (for example one MPLS and one additional link backup). This is also ideal for countries and regions with limited bandwidth connectivity under 50 Mbps.

With the VLBX430, organizations can manage and link load balance up to 8 ISP or private links with a total throughput of 400 Mbps to ensure maximum uptime and added performance without redesigning their network.

In addition, each Virtual Link Balancer can serve as a virtual network function (VNF), meaning that they can be deployed in a NFV infrastructure.