Ideal for sites with large bandwidth needs, the LBX5500 Controller can be deployed in large datacenters or headquarters. It relies on SitePathMTPX, Elfiq Networks’ bandwidth virtualization technology, to enhance the resilience and performance of point-to-point applications. This feature is perfect for site-to-site VPN tunnels and voice over IP (VoIP) deployments.

Throughput of up to 12Gbps
Supports up to 4096 VPN tunnels
Supports up to 256 ISPs
Includes 4 Virtual Instances

The LBX5500 Controller is designed to meet and exceed the needs of organizations and datacenters, which include maximum uptime, performance and failover, and proactive bandwidth management to guarantee business continuity. With the LBX5500, such organizations can manage balance up to 256 ISP or private links with a total throughput of 12Gbps.

The LBX5500 is also equipped with a modular bay available with either two or four 10 Gbps Ethernet interfaces delivered over RJ45 copper or SFP+ fiber compatible ports.