Virtual Forwarder Interface

Elfiq Networks products are built on an innovative platform named the Elfiq Operating System (EOS), which enables the virtualization of the LBX products. Elfiq Networks device can be logically segmented into multiple virtual balancers. Each virtual balancer is invisible to the next, creating the opportunity for multiple infrastructures to be managed securely while reducing costs.

The basic role of the virtual forwarding interface is to forward traffic between two or more interfaces while providing a fast packet interception service. A VFI consists of a minimum of 2 physical network interfaces, with at least one of them acting as the inside interface, and the other(s) as the outside interface(s) to handle the different links.

The VFI feature plays a key role in enabling Global Geolink, creating two VFIs to manage traffic, one for the external traffic and one to redirect securely to the other site.



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