Traffic segmentation

The Elfiq Link Balancer product line brings a new level of bandwidth management and uptime to any organization looking to improve their overall competitiveness and reduce costs.  At the core of every Elfiq Link Balancer, the three following functions are included:


  • Outbound link balancing: Organizations can use multiple (aggregate) ISPs for outbound traffic to the Internet so the load will be distributed. This process can be customized to meet specific needs and requirements or to match the best possible use of existing bandwidth with the use of seven algorithms.
  • Inbound link balancing: Services available over the Internet can be easily performed with Elfiq Networks’ Intelligent DNS technology
  • Link failover: The Elfiq Link Balancer will continually monitor the health of each ISP and distribute bandwidth as long as it is operating in a normal fashion. When a carrier link fails to respond normally, the Elfiq Link Balancer will remove it from the list of ISPs for bandwidth management and keep on testing it.  When it becomes available, it will be used normally with the other carrier links.

When a carrier link fails, the sessions are re-started onto an alternate link, and for granular control over the failover process, the Intelligent Condition Verificator will bring a new level of control. To complement this ability, the Intelligent Condition Verificator can handle complex scenarios and guarantee bandwidth for key services while performing failover tasks.

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