SitePathMTPX WAN bandwidth virtualization is an innovative feature enabling point to point application acceleration and resilience, creating the opportunity for organizations to maximize multisite communications and services. This feature is commonly used for site to site VPN tunnels and VoIP trunks, ensuring impeccable communications at all times.

With SitePathMTPX, users can achieve true Internet link bonding, or link aggregation. By integrating a Link Balancer at each site and increasing Internet link diversity, a web of possible paths becomes available for site-to-site communication, without having to modify the existing network configuration. Information about link state and usage is shared automatically between units and path selection is done on an on-going basis. Additionally, all point-to-point sessions remain persistent and do not terminate during a link failure.




Common uses include bonding multiple ISPs into a single virtual line or replacing/complementing MPLS and leased lines for cost-effective communications, reduced costs and WAN acceleration.

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