Quality of service

The Elfiq Networks QoS feature enables organizations to proactively manage bandwidth allocated to services and applications, to ensure that key elements such as email, VoIP and VPN have the required bandwidth and that less desirable traffic does not capture critical throughput.

Traffic prioritization and classification is a key element to ensure Quality of Service. The QoS module enables organizations to control available bandwidth based on corporate policies for ports, protocols and applications. By guaranteeing bandwidth for specific needs such as VoIP, VPN, e-commerce systems and Web surfing, the services will be optimally efficient.

Should low-priority activities such as online radio or gaming consume bandwidth which should be used by more critical, the QoS module will restrict these activities to a specific amount of allocated bandwidth.

Elfiq Networks’ Quality of Service technology provides the ability to perform QoS activities on multiple links concurrently for multiple services, and should one link fail, the QoS module will apply new user-defined rules to the other links to guarantee bandwidth for all critical services.

Furthermore, the Quality of Service module supports QoS diffserv marking and is available on all Elfiq Networks products.


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