Today, the majority of tiered internet services are being controlled and delivered by increasing or decreasing the Quality of Service (QoS) limits of specific tiers. Although this increases the cap of how much bandwidth a type of user can access at a time, it is not going to get any more bandwidth or higher priority if the internet link is already fully saturated. In cases such as hotels, where guests pay for accessing a higher tier, this leaves the guest unhappy with their tiered internet purchase, generating a call to the internet support line and creating a flurry of activity involved to credit a guest for their recent purchase.

PrioMap lets a device with more “internal network” knowledge, such as an Internet Gateway, mark IP packets with Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) to instruct the Link LB to override its default configuration and change the way the sessions are processed. Potential for LBX or VLBX configuration override includes: load balancing algorithm, link selection, QoS queue, Slice ID (Load balancing and Link Selection can have an effect only during session establishment).

By working in conjunction with an Internet Gateway which can properly tag the different internet tiers, Elfiq Networks’ PrioMap feature can continue the prioritization of given tier from the gateway and out through the proper internet link, giving it precedence over other traffic on the network with our built-in QoS according to corporate priorities.

In the below example, based on the hospitality industry, guest traffic is tagged by the internet gateway as A, B & C and are then prioritized over the available links in that same order. Admin traffic is also prioritized accordingly.

Priomap EN

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