LAN Failsafe

This feature is another unique to Elfiq Networks’ complete LBX product line. By nature, a Link Balancer is a failsafe device, ensuring that bandwidth is available at all times and manage the failover process.

Elfiq Networks’ unique Layer-2 approach enables the installation of Link Balancers without any modification to the existing network, permitting the Elfiq device to relay traffic between the primary link (link which was installed prior to the Elfiq unit) and the network perimeter devices (firewall, HSIA gateway, etc.).

All LBX models provide one or multiple pairs of bonded ports to transfer IP packets so normal operations can continue until the unit can be diagnosed and powered on. When the device is in LAN Failsafe mode, the Elfiq native features are unavailable.

This technology enables affordable business continuity and uptime for small businesses and branch offices that require maximum uptime and cannot afford redundant failover units, which remain the best approach for environments in which bandwidth availability and incoming services are critical.


LAN Failsafe

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