Intelligent DNS

Elfiq Networks’ iDNS feature enables organizations to proactively balance inbound traffic requests coming into their network. iDNS is commonly used to balance key services and ensure 100% availability for roaming client VPNs, web-based applications, transactional sites, web-based email and SMTP traffic.

The iDNS module performs this task by intercepting traffic requests for desired services and returning the guest the link information which is optimal for its request.

By design, iDNS is not a full DNS service. This approach alleviates the need to migrate your DNS domains to support a multi-homed network and greatly reduces installation time and planning.

The iDNS module’s configuration is very granular, enabling customized balancing configurations for each service balanced by iDNS. For example, SMTP and VPN services can be assigned to different links and balancing algorithms based on organizational policies.



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