Inbound Geolink

  • Ensures that inbound traffic is redirected to an available site
  • Creates a secure tunnel between sites
  • Manages metrics exchange between sites to determine which one is optimal


Elfiq Networks’ innovative Inbound Geolink option enables the management and distribution across sites with mirrored servers, such as web sites hosted at two locations. This technology can be viewed as an alternative to the BGP protocol and global server load balancing (GSLB).

With this feature, when a site’s connectivity is compromised or saturated, the second site will handle subsequent transaction through redirection of traffic handled with Elfiq’s Inbound Geolink, ensuring business continuity.

The Inbound Geolink feature creates a secure tunnel between the sites in which metrics are exchanged in real time to determine which site is the optimal choice to process the next session.

Metrics exchanged between sites through the Geolink include link throughput and staturation, counters, iDNS resources, ISV information to load balance and algorithm configuration.



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