Elfiq Networks Overview

The world’s most innovative Link Balancer provider

Elfiq LBX900

With today’s growing Internet demands, Elfiq Networks enhances network performance and business continuity through innovative link balancing and bandwidth management technologies. Using Elfiq Networks Link Balancers, companies can leverage simultaneous ISPs, mix public and private links for added flexibility, seamless failover, increased throughput and smarter WAN path selection.

We have been delivering innovation and excellence since 2004, creating a unique value proposition which is used in businesses in over 130 countries all over the world. 

Elfiq Networks has built unique expertise in this field and can help organizations of any size or vertical sector, from small businesses to global enterprises, and further its ability to compete by ensuring constant reliable access to the Internet, the foundation of modern communications.

At Elfiq Networks we promote a customer-centered culture of innovation which enables us to provide market-leading features to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Some key corporate milestones include:

  • 2015: Announcement of new, progressive licensing model for increased flexibility and scalability.
  • 2015: Creation of the Cloud Connector brand, available on AWS Marketplace and Microsoft Azure.
  • 2014: Expanding the multi-core product line, Elfiq Networks announces the LBX700 and more forthcoming models.
  • 2014: LBX Models are now available in virtualized edition.  
  • 2013: Flex Multipath Routing is released with Elfiq 3.6.0, allowing organizations to mix private and public links. 
  • 2013: Elfiq Networks releases the new virtualized Link LB models VLB-800E and VLB-2500E.
  • 2013: Elfiq Networks releases its new Link LB multi-core model LBX900, LBX2600 and LBX5500.
  • 2012: Elfiq Networks releases the Elfiq App Optimizer for Layer-7/application traffic shaping.
  • 2012: Elfiq Networks has delivered units around the world, now deployed in 130 countries!
  • 2011: Elfiq Networks releases the LB-5000E model, designed for large datacenter usage and includes two 10Gbps ports. It has since been replaced by the LBX5500.
  • 2011: Elfiq Networks releases USB 3G & 4G mobile stick support for maximum redundancy
  • 2010: Elfiq Networks releases the LB-800E, the first affordable enterprise-grade Link Balancer product which manage more than 100Mbps of ISP throughput
  • 2009: Elfiq Networks has sold units in over 60 countries
  • 2008: A new version SitePathMTPX is released enabling bandwidth virtualization between sites for point to point applications
  • 2007: Elfiq Networks releases the first link balancer products equipped with LAN Failsafe technology, a unique proposition in the link balancing field
  • 2007: SitePathMTPX is introduced to strengthen point-to-point applications such as VPNs and VoIP
  • 2007: Geolink technology is released to provide geographical-based multi-site link balancing
  • 2006: International sales start with a worldwide network of partners 
  • 2004: Elfiq Networks releases the first layer-2 link balancer products on the market



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