Link Balancing: The Path to Success

Traffic is growing at unprecedented rates, thanks in large part to massive technology shifts including the surge of mobility and BYOD, data center consolidation and the virtualization of servers, and the rise of cloud-based enterprise applications. Accordingly, enterprises across the board are looking for solutions that will help them manage and optimize the bandwidth they have—without purchasing more—to help alleviate problems such as latency and dropped traffic.

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Rich Media Doesn't Have to Be the Enemy

Over the past few weeks, employees at your company might have complained the network was running a little slower than usual. Accessing applications in the cloud took longer than normal to respond to each request. VoIP calls seemed a little choppy. The culprit: employees getting caught up in March Madness and streaming live games or video highlights from the annual men's and women's NCAA basketball tournaments.

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Where Are All These Demands on the Network Coming From?

Increased demands are being put on the network, driving the need for a well-managed, high-performance WAN. According to the WAN Management Spectrum Study from TRAC Research, 22 percent of traffic currently being transferred over private WAN will be moved to the public Internet over the next 12 months. On top of that, the amount of data transferred over the WAN over the past year, on average, grew by 151 percent.Read More

Breaking the Bandwidth Cycle

Network managers often face a conundrum: Guaranteeing a positive end user experience often means the possibility of increasing bandwidth to meet demand, especially as users turn to the cloud for applications that are key to their business. When network slowdowns occur due to traffic overload, the temptation is to "throw more bandwidth" at the problem. But that's a losing battle—and an expensive one—and doesn't mesh with mandates by management to keep costs in line.Read More

The Edge: Overcoming the Weakest Link

WAN links continue to be some of the most critical parts of any IT infrastructure, and in some cases, they are indeed a network's weakest link. The growing adoption of cloud services is making them even more important; as companies move applications to the cloud, bandwidth consumption is being shifted from the enterprise to the global Internet, straining the infrastructure at the network edge. 

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Revamping the Blog!

As you have surely noticed over the last few months, Elfiq Networks has been changing the way it looks and how it communicates with its clients and partners. The Elfiq Blog will not be an exception. 

Starting this week, we will adopt a new angle, focusing primarily on identifying common shortcomings in network infrastructures, and explaining how they can easily be overcomed. 


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Become a Bandwidth Super Hero!

We had fun making this poster for the latest HTNG conference and wanted to share it.  Work with Elfiq products and you too can be the hero of the office! (HSIA = High Speed Internet Access)

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Elfiq featured in France's '"Journal des télécoms"

Elfiq Networks participated in France last February in the IT Partner channel conference and met with media outlets to discuss out products and how they positively impact networks.  The magazine "Journal des télécoms" featured Elfiq in the March 2013 issue (#244) at page 23.

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Elfiq @ Interop Las Vegas 2013

Going to Interop?  Come & see Elfiq Networks (booth 420) where we're going to have some new stuff to show!  Not telling yet!

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Elfiq Releases New Models!

The next generation of Elfiq Link Balancers are now available!  We just released today 3 new incredible models:
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