New Elfiq Model: The LBX400

The LBX400 is out! This new, entry-level LBX model, designed specifically for SMBs and branch offices, will make it more affordable for organizations to build a Hybrid WAN infrastructure without redesigning their entire network.

Like the other LBX models, the LBX400 will support powerful options such as Flex Multipath Routing (FMR) and SSL VPN, and is available in both hardware and virtual format.

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Riverbed FORCE, and the Path to Dynamic, Flexible WAN Connectivity

Last November, Elfiq Networks travelled to San Jose, California at the Riverbed Force End User Event as a Gold Sponsors, but also to announce a new Riverbed-Ready partnership.

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Stop Tearing Your Hair Out Over Bandwidth Management

If you’re at your wit’s end trying to figure out why your VoIP call quality is suffering or why your upload and download speeds are lagging, chances are the problem stems from bandwidth management. Your organization has a finite amount of bandwidth available and if that capacity isn’t being used optimally, critical applications and functionality may suffer.

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What Message Is Your VoIP Quality Sending?

Picture this: You’re in the middle of an important conference call with potential clients and the conversation is going perfectly. You sense that you are close to sealing the deal, when—all of a sudden—the call connection starts to break up. Immediately your heart skips a beat, because you know what’s coming next. 

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As the Cloud-Based Communications Market Grows, So Too Does the Importance of Reliable Connectivity

Businesses all over the globe are looking to reap productivity, cost and collaboration benefits by switching to Cloud-based communications. In fact, a recent study from the research firm Infonetics projects that the global Cloud communications market will expand to $12 billion by 2018, with nearly 62.6 million seats in service. Furthermore, the study stated that the cloud communications market is on track to grow in every major geographic region in 2014.

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Elfiq Networks se joint à l’alliance technologique Riverbed-Ready pour étendre la portée et la valeur des solutions pour entreprises hybrides

Elfiq Networks était heureux d'annoncer cette semaine, à Riverbed FORCE, que la compagnie s'était jointe à l'Alliance technologique Riverbed-Ready.Read More

Moving to Hybrid WAN With Elfiq Networks and Riverbed Technology

Many technology manufacturers nowadays say that MPLS is dead. When you look at most network infrastructures, however, it's easy to see that this obituary is somewhat premature. But times have changed indeed, and new needs have arisen within today's organizations, namely with the colossal growth of Cloud-based applications over the last few years.Read More

Elfiq Networks Joins the New Riverbed-Ready Technology Alliance Program

Elfiq Networks was happy to announce, earlier today at Riverbed FORCE, that the company has joined the Riverbed-Ready Technology Alliance Program. This new partnership will allow us to build joint solutions with Riverbed Technology, which has led the “Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers” for seven years in a row.

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Join Us to Enhance Your Hybrid Enterprise at Riverbed FORCE 2014!

San Jose, California, has long been one of the hottest technology hubs in North America. So it is fitting that the 2014 new and expanded Riverbed FORCE technology trade show will take place in the Northern California city from Nov. 3-6 at the San Jose Convention Center.Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Carrier Diversity and Link Balancing

Now that school is in full swing and students everywhere are studying new topics, we thought it might be a good time to offer those new to our blog a little primer on carrier diversity and link balancing, as well as the advantages they offer.

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