Fending Off Shark Attacks With Carrier Diversity

Because tropical storms, heavy snows, construction, power failures and tornadoes weren’t enough, Internet connectivity might very well have another enemy: sharks. That’s right: sharks! Underwater fiber-optic cables have been suffering from shark attacks since they were first deployed in the late 1980’s.Read More

Elfiq Networks Hosts HTNG Dual-Forum Meeting in Halifax

Elfiq Networks is very excited to be hosting the HTNG Dual-Forum Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on August 26-27, at the renowned Halifax Club. This will be the first time in HTNG history that the event will be held in Canada.Read More

Do You Inspire Continuity Confidence in Your Customers?

As a company, you want to be known amongst your customers for your reliability and consistency. You know that the reputation of your business depends heavily on the ability to deliver under pressure and never miss a beat. But it’s impossible to deliver this type of confidence if you cannot ensure continuity under a variety of different, challenging circumstances—from foul weather to basic hardware failure.

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You’ve Switched to VoIP: Now What?

So, your business successfully made the jump to VoIP communications. Congratulations—you’re well on your way to making lightning-fast, crystal clear Web-based calls. But you aren’t finished quite yet. Before you can be sure your VoIP calling works to full capacity, you need to be sure your network is healthy enough to support a reliable system.

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Elfiq Networks Distributor Global Convergence Inc. Makes The News!

This week, Global Convergence, one of Elfiq Networks' major Distributors, ranked sixth in revenue growth in the Fast 50 List of Florida's fastest-growing private companies from the Tampa Bay Business Journal. GCI has been pushing itself to the top, having made the Fast 100 in 2013, and crossing over to the Fast 50 this year. 

Working with Global Convergence, we at Elfiq Networks can witness their professionalism and dedication on a daily basis. This amazing new ranking comes as no surprise to to us! Congratulations GCI!

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How Resilient is Your Email?

Admit it. Your business is completely, irrevocably reliant on email. Your employees check their inboxes dozens—if not hundreds—of times every day. It’s on their laptops and desktops and follows them on their mobile devices. And since the majority of your company’s crucial information is transmitted via email, it is essentially the backbone of your communications.

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Recent ISP Outage in UK Proves Again why Link Balancing is Key

Like most contemporary businesses owners, chances are you rely heavily on the Internet to complete a variety of mission-critical tasks. But what happens if one day you go to turn on your computer and are unable to access any of your Web-based services due to a regional outage from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

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Take the Heat off Your Links This Summer

Enjoying summertime is all about keeping cool and stress-free. But as most IT managers can testify, these goals are just about impossible to achieve when your network starts experiencing problems, because network disruptions and downtime affect all areas of your business and can eat up valuable time and resources.

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Link Balancing Keeps Healthcare Networks Feeling Good

Networks are the backbone of most businesses, regardless of size or industry. But perhaps in no vertical is reliable connectivity more important than in healthcare, where keeping applications running and information flowing can literally be a matter of life and death. Even when lives are not at stake during outages, financial well-being could be. On average, downtime costs organizations a staggering $7,900 per minute.

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Reflections on HITEC 2014: Los Angeles

Last June, Elfiq Networks showcased once again at the world's largest hospitality technology show: HITEC, in Los Angeles, California.  For several years now, Elfiq Networks has been providing bandwidth management solutions for many of the largest hotel groups such as Marriott, IHG, Starwood, and Mandarin Oriental.

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